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Each couples has their priorities for their wedding that they can’t do without such as an entertainer, venue, photographer, etc. Couples always ask us is a wedding photo booth worth it. We say yes, a photo booth is definitely worth it and here are 5 reasons why.

Photo booth have come a long way since their entry into the movie theaters or food courts at the mall. Those dinosaurs where big and bulky but modern photo booths are open so that you can see the action going on behind the camera.Plus most photo booth include professional cameras as lighting so that you’re ensured to great quality photos. And who can forget about the props. It’s all about the props.

Photo booths can fit any style of wedding. From elegant to vintage or from casual to beach gatherings. Some companies offer multiple booths which can be tailored towards your wedding and theme. If you’re still unsure about if it’s worth having a photo booth at your wedding, please consider these reasons why you should.

Creating Fun & Real Memories

Your thinking, well I’m going to have a professional photographer(s) at my wedding. And yes you are. But they’re going to be focused on capturing you and your special moments. Your dress, first dance, and during you creating memories with friends and family during the reception. But nothing beats that photo taken when you and your all of your bridesmaids their silly hat and/or shades and hits the booth. They aren’t worried about looking great or striking the absolute perfect pose. The photos are always great because everyone’s true personalities shine. Some of your favorites and most talked about images will be captured right at the photo booth.

Keeping your guests entertained

You’ve hired your band or DJ to start the party. However, not everyone is going to dance at the reception or not for the entire time. Plus a photo booth is for all ages and if you’re going to have kids at your wedding, the photo booth will keep them entertained while they parents dance a quick dance or conversation with old friends. A photo booth giveyour guests another options for entertainment. It is a great activity for guests to be bouncing between the dancefloor and the bar while still keeping that energetic atmosphere.

Create Conversation

During your wedding, you are bringing together people who might not know each other well or even at all. There are not a lot of opportunities during the reception that give families and friends the ability to talk with people they haven’t met yet. A photo booth gives guests the perfect opportunity to begin a conversation with someone they aren’t familiar with. Aunt Becky and the Maid of Honor might discover that they are alumni of the same university while waiting in line for the photo booth. A wedding is about bring two families together, should your guests begin to know each other.

Easy Personalized Wedding Favors

You’ve probably already started to think about your wedding favors or maybe you haven’t. But most couples don’t want to spend money on something that is just tossed away or placed in a drawer and forgotten about 2 weeks after the wedding.

Give your guests a personalized gift that reminds them of the great time that they have at your wedding. Even if you have a DIY photo booth you can always print out and attach a copy of the picture in your thank you notes to all of your guests. It’s a great keepsake that your guests will keep for month or years following your wedding.

Photo Booth are versatile

As we mentioned before photo booths have come a long way since they were invented. They don’t stop at taking pictures with a red curtain. You can use green screen to customize the backdrop or be transported to anywhere in the world. You could also create motion animated gifs or capture video messages from your friends and family. A lot of the booths can also connect to the internet so that you can post your images on social media almost instantly. You can include your wedding hashtag and watch the photos start rolling in on social media.

There are also ways to create a photo booth without breaking the bank. Look online for website that explain how to create a DIY photo booth as you might already have the items needed. If you’re having 2 photographers, you might be able to set up an area for a portion of the reception to take these types of photos.

These are just some of the reasons why a wedding photo booth is worth it. Regardless of how you do decide to do a photo booth, it is worth having it at your wedding reception will give your guests more entertainment options and help create unforgettable memories. If you have questions or there is any way that we can help with your decision, please call or email us.

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