What is the difference between a DJ and an M.C.?

As you’re beginning to look for your wedding entertainment, we’re sure that you’re noticing many companies in Pittsburgh or southwestern Pennsylvania offer DJs, MCs or both. But what is the difference between a DJ and a M.C.. We’ll explain what both are so that you can select the right option for your wedding because they are not same.

A DJ or disc jockey, is the person who plays the music for your wedding reception. An MC, or master of ceremonies, is going to be the one who makes all of your announcements throughout the event (such as introductions, 1st dance, parent dances, etc.). At EventuresWeddings we have entertainment options were there is one person who works solo at the wedding. In this case, they perform both the DJ and MC roles. We also offer an option with 2 people, which is highly recommend and here is why.

Selecting the wedding package with 2 entertainers makes a big difference. The DJ now can focus solely on programming the music for your reception. They’re selecting songs from your lists, picking additional songs that will fit the style and feel of your wedding as well as watching your guests’ reaction to songs. This is an extremely important part to ensure that the rights songs are playing at the right time, which is what separates good and great DJs.

With the DJ strictly focused on the music, the M.C. is now free to talk with your guests without having to be behind the entertainment console. The MC is similar to a host you’d see on an awards show (without the long thank you speeches). During announcements or any of the wedding formalities, they are out on the dance floor, where all of your guests can see.

The M.C.s job is also to help with the coordination and flow of the evening, which can be hard for a DJ if he is focused on the music.. Once the reception starts the entertainers are responsible for the timeline of the wedding and ensuring that you stay on it (as closely as you can). Once dinner is served, they are the ones who dictate how quickly things happen and how much time to dance you have. Having a dedicated person to can drastically change your timeline. It also means that you, your fiancé, and your family members can enjoy the reception, while the M.C. takes care of everything. 🙂 The M.C. will find family members for special dances, work with the venue on cake cutting and toasts as well as ensuring that the money dance doesn’t take 45 minutes to 1 hr. They will keep the evening flowing seamlessly as you and your guests celebrate.

Now you may be asking yourself, do I need a separate MC or can a DJ perform both roles. There are a variety of factors that will help you decide which options might be best for you. How many guests are you having? If you’re having a smaller more intimate wedding, having a person dedicated to making announcements might not be necessary. We recommend once you start having more than 125 guests that you really consider having 2 professional entertainers at your wedding. How interactive do you want you, DJ? If you want someone to be out interacting with your guests, who wants to bring a lot of energy to the wedding reception, having a dedicated MC is the option for you.

We realize that every couple’s taste, wedding, and needs are different. These are just items to consider as you’re making a choice for your wedding entertainment. If you have questions or still don’t know if you should have a DJ/MC or DJ and MC at your wedding reception, please call or email us and we’ll help find the best entertainment option for you.

Do I need 2 photographers at my wedding?

A common questions that we get from our couples are do I need to have 2 photographers at my wedding. And the answer is yes. We recommend having a 2nd photographer at every wedding that we photograph. Though every wedding might not call for a 2nd photographer (due to size or budget), in a perfect world, we would have always have our clients use a 2nd photographer.

Here are five reasons why we recommend that you have a second photographer at your wedding…

Two photographers means that you can be in two places at once

One a wedding day, a there are hundreds of items that needs to be photographed (details, venues, people, etc.) A photographer is always on the move, but sometimes that isn’t enough. Having two photographers allows you to capture multiple locations and angles at the same time. One person will be getting ready in one hotel room while the other gets ready in their family home, which is across town from each other. During the ceremony, it’s great to have two different angles and views on everything that happens. When a photographer is taking formal photos at the church the second photographer can be at the cocktail hour capturing all of those details that you’ve spent so much time creating. Then at the reception, one photographer can capture the bride throwing the bouquet, while the second shooter can focus on all of the ladies grabbing at it. This is one occasion where more is better. Don’t you want more photos to remember your special day by?

A second photographer provides a different perspective, new style, and fresh eyes throughout the day

Just as no two couples or weddings are identical, no two photographers are exactly the same. They each have different experiences, creativity, and eye for the art. So, with having two photographers at your wedding, you’re really getting two different prospective and interpretations of your special day. Now having two photographers you have twice the experience, twice the creativity and twice the number of photos. All of our photographers has the same aesthetic, style and attention to detail. However, they might use lens differently, different lighting or stand in a different location than the primary photographer. It’s a huge benefit having two photographer at your wedding.

Second photographers can focus on the details while a lead photographer focuses on your shot list

When you’re working with a lead photographer, they are going to be focused on capturing the list of photos that you’ve provided them (parents, grandparents, college friends, etc.). The second photographer can focus on all of the wedding details throughout the day. The 2nd photographer can also keep an eye out for things that shouldn’t be in a photo. For example, ensuring that all of the bouquets are at the same height. It always helps to have a second set of eyes (someone who isn’t focused on the shoot list) during portraits who has time to notice the small details. The lead photographer should notice these things as well but sometimes things can get missed, which bring us to our next point.

Second photographers is a backup

All of your big moments (your first kiss, dance, and other formalities) will be captured. We’re talking about the moments that are constantly happening during a wedding day. You get a lot of emotions when you bring together family and friends who haven’t seen each other in years. There will be LOVE, LAUGHTER, TEARS, and JOY happening all around you day and night. We can’t capture every moment that happens but with two photographers, the odds are pretty good that some of the big moments won’t be missed.

Second photographers are like an insurance policy

We spent a lot of time planning with our couples planning each all of the details to the wedding. Unfortunately, there are times were things are out of our control. A car accident, death in the family, memory card failure, or broken equipment can happen and no matter how much preparation (backup cameras, equipment) or careful we are, they all can still happen at any time.

Having a second photographer at your wedding at least insures that your wedding will still be covered by a professional photographer. Our second photographers are all professional photographers who has been at least shooting weddings for one year so that they have our aesthetic and attention to detail. We also only use full-time photographers as our second photographers to ensure that they can capture the entire wedding, by themselves. That way, if something bad does happen (knock on wood has never happened), you’ve still got a photographer who you can trust to capture the magic of your special day.

We hope this helps you understand why we recommend a second photographer at every wedding we photograph. If you’re photographer offers a 2nd shooter, be sure to ask them what their role will be during the day. There are some photographers who bring an assistant along during the day and not a second photographer. All of our photography options include a 2nd photographer in them, as it does make a big different. We realize that each client’s needs, tastes and budgets are different, we wouldn’t recommend photography be an area that you “try to save” as you will notice a difference in your wedding photos. If you have any questions or want to discuss if you need a 2nd photographer at your wedding, please call us at 412.481.3424 or email us at info@eventuresweddings.com.

Still unsure on why you need a second photographer? Here are a few example images to show the importance of a 2nd photographer:

These two images were captured within moments of each other, but the bride and groom were getting ready miles apart from each other.

Here are two different views of a father walking his daughter down the aisle.

Here are another two very different views of the same moment during a reception.

This is from an older wedding, but it’s still one of my favorite series of images that me and my 2nd shooter have taken.

Why should I have a wedding video?

As you and your fiancé begin to plan, prioritize and budget for the wedding, video will be one item that is going to come up. Now you’re probably thinking do I really need a videographer at my wedding. To answer your questions, no a wedding videographer is not necessary at your wedding.

Wedding videos isn’t for everyone

Every couple is different, every wedding is different and every couples’ priorities are different. You might want to be more focused on having the perfect atmosphere during your reception for your guests or maybe you want to spend more time to help coordinate some special entertainment for the after party. Everyone has their own priorities, which is ok. There are no right or wrong answers, but before you make a decision, please consider these things.

Couples regret not doing video

We hear all the time from our bride and grooms that they regret not doing a wedding video. Here is an article that might put things into prospective (98 Percent of Brides Regret this Decision after their wedding.)

“Like most brides, I budgeted for photos, but not wedding video. Like 98 percent of brides who make that decision, I regretted not getting a wedding video.”

“I didn’t have a videographer—it was a budgeting issues and I thought pictures would be sufficient. But I regret not having one, even just a short trailer version. I love our photos but videos are a different ballgame and I wish I had something better than clips people took on their phones.” —Tara, 28

The wedding day is going to go by very quickly. You’re being pulled in a million different directions through the day that is filled with emotions. When it’s all over, everything seems like a blur. It is nearly impossible to remember all of the small details that happen on your wedding and at times even some of the big ones (as you’re overwhelmed by emotion).

Why having video is important

Having a wedding video allows you to relive the details and moments that you might have missed throughout the day. And now I can imagine that you’re asking yourself, well I have a photographer there do I need a videographer. Having a video of your wedding day is unlike any photograph. It helps transform you into back to the special day as if you’re there. You hear the audio as you and your bridesmaids laugh at an inside joke during preparation, the vows between you and your fiancé during the ceremony, and/or special wishes from you family and friends. As you begin to watch the video you begin to feel the emotion of the day.

A wedding video is no only going to be documenting frames, it captures the emotion, style and subtleties of the day but this is only half of the job.

As we produce your wedding video, we are telling the story of your wedding day. Each of our wedding videos incorporate as much of the love, laughter, tears, and joy from the day so that you are immersed in the day as you watch your wedding video. Please visit our wedding film section (link to video galleries) to see examples of our wedding videos.

Video makes a great wedding keepsake

It is also a great keepsake for your family. As your family grows, you can show your kids what you looked like on the wedding day. You can also show them some of the grandparents or parents that unfortunately might not be around anymore. And not only can they see them but they can also hear their voices.


Wedding videos are not for every couple. However, if you’re going back and forth about if you want to do it or not sure that you want to spend the money on the service, we would still recommend it is worth doing no matter how you are capturing the day (family member/amateur/professional). The last thing you want to do is look back and say I regret not doing video because when you do watch your video, you’ll be sure glad that you did.

A great photograph will capture the mood of a moment, but it won’t tell you the funny joke that made that memory happen. A photo won’t be able to recite the vows you wrote to your fiancé.

A wedding film will do this and much, much more!

Heinz Chapel Weddings – Pittsburgh, PA

Heinz Chapel weddings are great for the couples who want to have a traditional church or chapel feel to their wedding. Heinz Chapel is located in, Oakland, Pennsylvania, the heart of the University of Pittsburgh campus, which is only about 10 minutes from downtown Pittsburgh. The chapel is non-denominational and one of the most popular churches in the entire city.

Heinz Chapel has great architecture through the buildings. From high cathedral ceilings, to stained glass windows to tall stone columns. The altar is made of a marble stone which gives it a simple look. However the alter is sounded by dark carved wood with lecterns on each side to give it a historic feel. This is also where the organ and organist will sit as they play the songs for your wedding ceremony. To learn more of the history of the chapel, visit Heinz Memorial Chapel’s Website Heinz Chapel Wedding Reservation Because of the popularity, the chapel books multiple weddings per day on Fridays, Saturday and Sundays. As of 2016, the chapel lifted the requirements that one member of the couple be an alumni of the university, which has boosted their popularity even more. The chapel does offer reduced rates, of 15%, for one or both of the couple has a degree from the University of Pittsburgh.

Weddings are now reserved up to two years (to the month) in advance. For example if it is April, 1 2017, the chapel will be taking reservations through April 30 of 2019. There are no exceptions and with the chapel now available not non alumni of the university, time slots fill up quickly. If you’re reserving Heinz Chapel for your wedding, we recommend that you call and confirm that you have the date before planning other aspects of the wedding. To learn more about the reservation process, please click here. Heinz Chapel Wedding Guidelines Because of the history (historic landmark) and structure of the chapel, there are guidelines that must be followed for every wedding that is booked at the chapel. Your wedding vendors for decorations, music, photography and videography as well as officiants must adhere to the guidelines. Be sure to consult with your vendor to ensure that they are comfortable and can adhere to them prior to booking.

Wedding Arrival & Timeline Once you’ve booked your wedding, you’ll be working with 2 wedding coordinators that will help you with your planning. They’ll coordinate the details for your wedding as well as your rehearsal. On the day of the wedding, you’ll be able to arrive forty-five minutes before your ceremony. There are two separate rooms, 1 for the bride and bridesmaids which is located downstairs and another room for the groom and best man. The second room is located on the ground level in the back of the chapel near the altar.

You have 1 hour from your scheduled start time for your ceremony and photos following. It is very important that everyone is on time because if you’re running late, then you’ll be cutting in to your photo time. Wedding Pictures at Heinz Chapel If you’re photographer isn’t familiar with Heinz Chapel then you’re going to want to have them talk because there are a few guidelines (where to stand, flash, etc.) that must be followed because of the historic building. You’re also going to want to hire a professional photographer who’s captured weddings here before, because the chapel is dark and can be difficult to light without the proper knowledge and camera equipment.

Unfortunately due to the volume of weddings, your photographer will only have about 30 minutes (depending on how long your ceremony is) to complete the photos inside the church. However with a little planning and a professional photographer, this should be plenty of time.

We recommend having your ceremony be about 15-20 minutes which will give you and your husband plenty of time for pictures. There are many great locations inside the chapel itself to take wedding photos. The stained glass, the stone columns are just a few great spots.

There are also a lot photography locations around Heinz chapel as well. For our University of Pittsburgh alumni, the Cathedral of Learning, the panther and the sign for the university are all popular.

You also have the “columns at CMU” which is across the street from Heinz chapel at the Mellon Institute Library on Carnegie Mellon campus. Heinz Chapel is also in the process of adding a garden outside of the chapel, which will make another location for great photos. You’ll want to be sure to speak with your photographer to come up with the best plan for your wedding photos based on your wedding timeline location for your reception venue.

If you’d like to learn more about the chapel or their services, please contact them at 412-481-3424. You may also view some of our wedding at Heinz Chapel by clicking.

Springwood Conference Center Wedding

Springwood Conference Center is located in Verona, PA about 20 minutes east of downtown Pittsburgh and Monroeville. Springwood wedding ceremony and receptions blend natural landscape, a glass atrium, and wooden pavilion into one venue. This wedding venue isan ideal location if you’re looking for a natural, classic, intimate or romantic feel to your wedding. It is also for couples who want to have their ceremony and reception in the same location.Springwood can comfortably hold 175 guests, with a maximum of 250, for your wedding ceremony, reception, or both. If you’d like to hear more about the history of Springwood Conference Center, please Click Here

Springwood Outdoor Wedding Ceremony – Garden Square

If you choose to have your wedding ceremony at Springwood Conference Center, you have the choice of outdoor or indoor ceremony venues. One of the most popular locations is the Garden Square (available April 15th – November 15th), which is closest to the reception area.

This outdoor wedding venue is surrounded by stone retaining walls and a block building which leads up to the archway, where you and your fiancé will tie the knot. It is also very just down the steps from the reception venue so following the ceremony your guests can make their way to the patio area for cocktails.

Springwood Wedding Ceremony – Villa Waterfall

The second outdoor ceremony venue is Villa Waterfalls, is equally as beautiful. This ceremony location, is on the backside of the property, near the villa, minutes away from the reception venue. The Villa Waterfalls has a much more open feel than the Garden Square. As your guests sit in the field, they’re attention will be drawn in by the 15ft. waterfall and small pond, which will be the backdrop of your ceremony.

Springwood Wedding Ceremony – Atrium

Springwoods weddings also offer an indoor wedding ceremony venue. If you’re looking to have a winter wonderland wedding, Springwood can accommodate these requests. Springwood provides indoor ceremonies between November 15th – April 14th for those cold fall or winter weddings. During these dates, Springwood provides ceremonies in the glass atrium to give you that nice intimate/romantic feel as you say I DO.

Springwood Wedding Photos & Formal Photography

When the ceremony finishes, you, your husband and families will be taking photographs at either ceremony location. Then traditionally you would get in the limo/bus to go to another venue but not here. With Springwoods’ gardens, landscape, and natural settings there are many great locations for photographs around the venue. You won’t need to drive anywhere or coordinate any alternative transportation, which saves time and money.

Cocktail Hour at Springwood

As your capturing great moment with your photographer, your guests will be making their way to cocktail hour. Springwood has a great indoor/outdoor cocktail area for those fall days that can get a little breezy. The first floor of the home is open for your guests to mingle as they enjoy some of your signature cocktails. However, on nice summer, spring, and fall days, they’ll also be able to enjoy their cocktails on the three tier patio. With speakers wired around the grounds, guests will be able to hear your cocktail music while enjoy beverages and hor d’oeuvres.
As cocktail hour begins to wind up, we’ve seen many couples be introduced down the staircase to the patio. Then they make their way to the stone landing for their first dance as their family and friends watch from above. Following your 1st dance everyone will make their way inside for dinner.

Springwood Wedding Reception

The atmosphere at a Springwood wedding reception is just as intimate as your wedding ceremony. Springwood Conference Center has a beautiful glass atrium, where you and your guests will enjoy your dinner before dancing the night away. As you gaze out at the night stars, you’ll also be able to see the beautiful chandeliers hanging, giving you some soft light and that elegant sophisticated feel. The atrium also has a balcony that couples can be introduced from if they didn’t want to come down the main staircase outside.

As the wedding reception shifts from dining to dancing, the party moves outside. A recently new feature to Springwood, the pavilion, sits next to the atrium. As the name indicates the pavilion is a tall wooden structure with chandeliers that gives you shelter as you dance into the night. This is where many times the DJ or band will be set up which allows you to enjoy a cool summer breeze as the party continues. The area is large enough to include some cocktail tables for guests to set there drinks on as well as extra entertainment such as a photo booth, character artist, or an extra bar to keep your guests happy.

Wedding Catering & Alcohol

Springwood provides all of the catering needs for the event. You’ll work with the head chef to create your menu. They also coordinate the linens and tableware so you won’t need to focus on many delivers as the wedding approaches. Springwood does provide the bartenders for the event, however doesn’t provide the alcohol. You purchase and bring the alcohol to Springwood before your wedding. This helps you save money. Just be sure to plan accordingly to what types of beers and liquors will be served at your wedding.

Springwood will also help you design and pick your floral arrangements for the ceremony and reception, with their in-house florist. During the day of the wedding, you’ll be working with your wedding coordinator to ensure that everything runs on-time and smoothly. Of course, they’ll also be there to answer questions and make sure that you get to enjoy yourself.

Other Amenities

One of the best features, that we haven’t told you about already, is the Villa. Consider this your little home away from home. This house, located near the waterfall ceremony location. The villa is not included in the package, however, can be rented for an evening or for the weekend.

While the villa can hold smaller, more intimate weddings, it is a great location for the girls getting ready, rehearsal dinners or couples to enjoy their first night together. There is a pool along with a patio and a tent for you to entertainer guests. Either way, it make the planning a lot easier since you’re not very far away.

If you don’t rent the Villa, there is still areas for you to prepare for your wedding at Springwood. In the main home on the second floor, there is two separate areas for bride and groom’s to get ready without seeing each other.

There is also a smoker friendly area just off the patio for those friends who might enjoy an occasional cigarette.

Springwood also has free parking for all of your guests. If you reserve rooms in some of the nearby hotels, they may provide shuttles for you and your guests for no additional charge.

If you’re interested in learning more about Springwood be sure to visit their website at, spring wood, or call them at, 412.793.7453

5 Reasons why photo booths are worth it

Each couples has their priorities for their wedding that they can’t do without such as an entertainer, venue, photographer, etc. Couples always ask us is a wedding photo booth worth it. We say yes, a photo booth is definitely worth it and here are 5 reasons why.

Photo booth have come a long way since their entry into the movie theaters or food courts at the mall. Those dinosaurs where big and bulky but modern photo booths are open so that you can see the action going on behind the camera.Plus most photo booth include professional cameras as lighting so that you’re ensured to great quality photos. And who can forget about the props. It’s all about the props.

Photo booths can fit any style of wedding. From elegant to vintage or from casual to beach gatherings. Some companies offer multiple booths which can be tailored towards your wedding and theme. If you’re still unsure about if it’s worth having a photo booth at your wedding, please consider these reasons why you should.

Creating Fun & Real Memories

Your thinking, well I’m going to have a professional photographer(s) at my wedding. And yes you are. But they’re going to be focused on capturing you and your special moments. Your dress, first dance, and during you creating memories with friends and family during the reception. But nothing beats that photo taken when you and your all of your bridesmaids their silly hat and/or shades and hits the booth. They aren’t worried about looking great or striking the absolute perfect pose. The photos are always great because everyone’s true personalities shine. Some of your favorites and most talked about images will be captured right at the photo booth.

Keeping your guests entertained

You’ve hired your band or DJ to start the party. However, not everyone is going to dance at the reception or not for the entire time. Plus a photo booth is for all ages and if you’re going to have kids at your wedding, the photo booth will keep them entertained while they parents dance a quick dance or conversation with old friends. A photo booth giveyour guests another options for entertainment. It is a great activity for guests to be bouncing between the dancefloor and the bar while still keeping that energetic atmosphere.

Create Conversation

During your wedding, you are bringing together people who might not know each other well or even at all. There are not a lot of opportunities during the reception that give families and friends the ability to talk with people they haven’t met yet. A photo booth gives guests the perfect opportunity to begin a conversation with someone they aren’t familiar with. Aunt Becky and the Maid of Honor might discover that they are alumni of the same university while waiting in line for the photo booth. A wedding is about bring two families together, should your guests begin to know each other.

Easy Personalized Wedding Favors

You’ve probably already started to think about your wedding favors or maybe you haven’t. But most couples don’t want to spend money on something that is just tossed away or placed in a drawer and forgotten about 2 weeks after the wedding.

Give your guests a personalized gift that reminds them of the great time that they have at your wedding. Even if you have a DIY photo booth you can always print out and attach a copy of the picture in your thank you notes to all of your guests. It’s a great keepsake that your guests will keep for month or years following your wedding.

Photo Booth are versatile

As we mentioned before photo booths have come a long way since they were invented. They don’t stop at taking pictures with a red curtain. You can use green screen to customize the backdrop or be transported to anywhere in the world. You could also create motion animated gifs or capture video messages from your friends and family. A lot of the booths can also connect to the internet so that you can post your images on social media almost instantly. You can include your wedding hashtag and watch the photos start rolling in on social media.

There are also ways to create a photo booth without breaking the bank. Look online for website that explain how to create a DIY photo booth as you might already have the items needed. If you’re having 2 photographers, you might be able to set up an area for a portion of the reception to take these types of photos.

These are just some of the reasons why a wedding photo booth is worth it. Regardless of how you do decide to do a photo booth, it is worth having it at your wedding reception will give your guests more entertainment options and help create unforgettable memories. If you have questions or there is any way that we can help with your decision, please call or email us.