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Springwood Conference Center is located in Verona, PA about 20 minutes east of downtown Pittsburgh and Monroeville. Springwood wedding ceremony and receptions blend natural landscape, a glass atrium, and wooden pavilion into one venue. This wedding venue isan ideal location if you’re looking for a natural, classic, intimate or romantic feel to your wedding. It is also for couples who want to have their ceremony and reception in the same location.Springwood can comfortably hold 175 guests, with a maximum of 250, for your wedding ceremony, reception, or both. If you’d like to hear more about the history of Springwood Conference Center, please Click Here

Springwood Outdoor Wedding Ceremony – Garden Square

If you choose to have your wedding ceremony at Springwood Conference Center, you have the choice of outdoor or indoor ceremony venues. One of the most popular locations is the Garden Square (available April 15th – November 15th), which is closest to the reception area.

This outdoor wedding venue is surrounded by stone retaining walls and a block building which leads up to the archway, where you and your fiancé will tie the knot. It is also very just down the steps from the reception venue so following the ceremony your guests can make their way to the patio area for cocktails.

Springwood Wedding Ceremony – Villa Waterfall

The second outdoor ceremony venue is Villa Waterfalls, is equally as beautiful. This ceremony location, is on the backside of the property, near the villa, minutes away from the reception venue. The Villa Waterfalls has a much more open feel than the Garden Square. As your guests sit in the field, they’re attention will be drawn in by the 15ft. waterfall and small pond, which will be the backdrop of your ceremony.

Springwood Wedding Ceremony – Atrium

Springwoods weddings also offer an indoor wedding ceremony venue. If you’re looking to have a winter wonderland wedding, Springwood can accommodate these requests. Springwood provides indoor ceremonies between November 15th – April 14th for those cold fall or winter weddings. During these dates, Springwood provides ceremonies in the glass atrium to give you that nice intimate/romantic feel as you say I DO.

Springwood Wedding Photos & Formal Photography

When the ceremony finishes, you, your husband and families will be taking photographs at either ceremony location. Then traditionally you would get in the limo/bus to go to another venue but not here. With Springwoods’ gardens, landscape, and natural settings there are many great locations for photographs around the venue. You won’t need to drive anywhere or coordinate any alternative transportation, which saves time and money.

Cocktail Hour at Springwood

As your capturing great moment with your photographer, your guests will be making their way to cocktail hour. Springwood has a great indoor/outdoor cocktail area for those fall days that can get a little breezy. The first floor of the home is open for your guests to mingle as they enjoy some of your signature cocktails. However, on nice summer, spring, and fall days, they’ll also be able to enjoy their cocktails on the three tier patio. With speakers wired around the grounds, guests will be able to hear your cocktail music while enjoy beverages and hor d’oeuvres.
As cocktail hour begins to wind up, we’ve seen many couples be introduced down the staircase to the patio. Then they make their way to the stone landing for their first dance as their family and friends watch from above. Following your 1st dance everyone will make their way inside for dinner.

Springwood Wedding Reception

The atmosphere at a Springwood wedding reception is just as intimate as your wedding ceremony. Springwood Conference Center has a beautiful glass atrium, where you and your guests will enjoy your dinner before dancing the night away. As you gaze out at the night stars, you’ll also be able to see the beautiful chandeliers hanging, giving you some soft light and that elegant sophisticated feel. The atrium also has a balcony that couples can be introduced from if they didn’t want to come down the main staircase outside.

As the wedding reception shifts from dining to dancing, the party moves outside. A recently new feature to Springwood, the pavilion, sits next to the atrium. As the name indicates the pavilion is a tall wooden structure with chandeliers that gives you shelter as you dance into the night. This is where many times the DJ or band will be set up which allows you to enjoy a cool summer breeze as the party continues. The area is large enough to include some cocktail tables for guests to set there drinks on as well as extra entertainment such as a photo booth, character artist, or an extra bar to keep your guests happy.

Wedding Catering & Alcohol

Springwood provides all of the catering needs for the event. You’ll work with the head chef to create your menu. They also coordinate the linens and tableware so you won’t need to focus on many delivers as the wedding approaches. Springwood does provide the bartenders for the event, however doesn’t provide the alcohol. You purchase and bring the alcohol to Springwood before your wedding. This helps you save money. Just be sure to plan accordingly to what types of beers and liquors will be served at your wedding.

Springwood will also help you design and pick your floral arrangements for the ceremony and reception, with their in-house florist. During the day of the wedding, you’ll be working with your wedding coordinator to ensure that everything runs on-time and smoothly. Of course, they’ll also be there to answer questions and make sure that you get to enjoy yourself.

Other Amenities

One of the best features, that we haven’t told you about already, is the Villa. Consider this your little home away from home. This house, located near the waterfall ceremony location. The villa is not included in the package, however, can be rented for an evening or for the weekend.

While the villa can hold smaller, more intimate weddings, it is a great location for the girls getting ready, rehearsal dinners or couples to enjoy their first night together. There is a pool along with a patio and a tent for you to entertainer guests. Either way, it make the planning a lot easier since you’re not very far away.

If you don’t rent the Villa, there is still areas for you to prepare for your wedding at Springwood. In the main home on the second floor, there is two separate areas for bride and groom’s to get ready without seeing each other.

There is also a smoker friendly area just off the patio for those friends who might enjoy an occasional cigarette.

Springwood also has free parking for all of your guests. If you reserve rooms in some of the nearby hotels, they may provide shuttles for you and your guests for no additional charge.

If you’re interested in learning more about Springwood be sure to visit their website at, spring wood, or call them at, 412.793.7453

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