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As you and your fiancé begin to plan, prioritize and budget for the wedding, video will be one item that is going to come up. Now you’re probably thinking do I really need a videographer at my wedding. To answer your questions, no a wedding videographer is not necessary at your wedding.

Wedding videos isn’t for everyone

Every couple is different, every wedding is different and every couples’ priorities are different. You might want to be more focused on having the perfect atmosphere during your reception for your guests or maybe you want to spend more time to help coordinate some special entertainment for the after party. Everyone has their own priorities, which is ok. There are no right or wrong answers, but before you make a decision, please consider these things.

Couples regret not doing video

We hear all the time from our bride and grooms that they regret not doing a wedding video. Here is an article that might put things into prospective (98 Percent of Brides Regret this Decision after their wedding.)

“Like most brides, I budgeted for photos, but not wedding video. Like 98 percent of brides who make that decision, I regretted not getting a wedding video.”

“I didn’t have a videographer—it was a budgeting issues and I thought pictures would be sufficient. But I regret not having one, even just a short trailer version. I love our photos but videos are a different ballgame and I wish I had something better than clips people took on their phones.” —Tara, 28

The wedding day is going to go by very quickly. You’re being pulled in a million different directions through the day that is filled with emotions. When it’s all over, everything seems like a blur. It is nearly impossible to remember all of the small details that happen on your wedding and at times even some of the big ones (as you’re overwhelmed by emotion).

Why having video is important

Having a wedding video allows you to relive the details and moments that you might have missed throughout the day. And now I can imagine that you’re asking yourself, well I have a photographer there do I need a videographer. Having a video of your wedding day is unlike any photograph. It helps transform you into back to the special day as if you’re there. You hear the audio as you and your bridesmaids laugh at an inside joke during preparation, the vows between you and your fiancé during the ceremony, and/or special wishes from you family and friends. As you begin to watch the video you begin to feel the emotion of the day.

A wedding video is no only going to be documenting frames, it captures the emotion, style and subtleties of the day but this is only half of the job.

As we produce your wedding video, we are telling the story of your wedding day. Each of our wedding videos incorporate as much of the love, laughter, tears, and joy from the day so that you are immersed in the day as you watch your wedding video. Please visit our wedding film section (link to video galleries) to see examples of our wedding videos.

Video makes a great wedding keepsake

It is also a great keepsake for your family. As your family grows, you can show your kids what you looked like on the wedding day. You can also show them some of the grandparents or parents that unfortunately might not be around anymore. And not only can they see them but they can also hear their voices.


Wedding videos are not for every couple. However, if you’re going back and forth about if you want to do it or not sure that you want to spend the money on the service, we would still recommend it is worth doing no matter how you are capturing the day (family member/amateur/professional). The last thing you want to do is look back and say I regret not doing video because when you do watch your video, you’ll be sure glad that you did.

A great photograph will capture the mood of a moment, but it won’t tell you the funny joke that made that memory happen. A photo won’t be able to recite the vows you wrote to your fiancé.

A wedding film will do this and much, much more!

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